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Echoes [Anarchy] [Chaos] [Vanilla] {1.13.2} {No Phantoms} {Cities} {Entirely-Vanilla Home & Spawn Commands}

IP: echoes.fun

Echoes Website

Echoes Discord


1. Dont threaten to lag/crash the Minecraft servers;

2. Don’t doxx anybody.

If you’re not doing either of these things, you can do whatever your heart desires. The rules on our discord are virtually the same (the only difference is that excessive spam isn’t allowed). We’re a fun-loving, lighthearted community.

About the Server

If you’re struggling to find a server where you fit in, Echoes is the place for you.

Ever since the server’s inception in mid-2017, Echoes has been a community for the liberty-minded. We are dedicated to providing a home for the disenfranchised interlopers and outsiders who go from server to server searching for someplace that feels like home. A total of 9,879 players like you have logged into Echoes since we started began. Come check us out! We’d love to see you on our server or even on our Discord.

What Makes Us Different?

If you read this far, great! We’re glad to see you have an interest in Echoes.

Echoes may not have the age or player numbers (avg. number of people online at any given moment ranges from 6-12 players on weekdays and 15+ on weekends) of bigger anarchy worlds like 2b2t or Minewind. However, we’ve got features to set us apart from other worlds.

  • Let it be noted that every unique feature listed after this is done without plugins, mods, or server wrappers. Echoes is 100% vanilla. You can verify this by pressing F3 after you login. In the upper left corner of your screen, you’ll see this, which indicates that you’re playing on a vanilla world.
  • Though our staff login daily, all Echoes Network servers are (primarily) maintained by a bot named Saltshaker. In-game, this bot’s name is saltshakerBOT. Saltshaker has a couple of features worth noting:
  • Saltshaker has the ability to teleport players to cities. This works via a number of steps involving two commands specific to accessing each city.
  • The first command, an invitation, is whispered to Saltshaker with a player’s username after it. The invitation to visit a city called Otes is “pardon.” So, if your username is qazt19, you’d whisper “pardon qazt19” to Saltshaker. After this, you’ll be able to use the teleport command.
  • The second command is a teleport command, usually a phrase or book quote translated into Latin. Each city’s teleport command will only work if you’ve been invited to the city you’re trying to reach. For example. you cannot use the teleport command for Otes if you haven’t been invited to visit Otes. So if my username is qazt19, and assuming I have already invited myself to Otes by whispering “pardon qazt19” to saltshakerBOT, I could then type the teleport command for Otes into public chat. If you’d like to try this for yourself, type “o tempora o mores!” into chat. Be careful of using these teleport commands in the End or Nether, because you’ll be teleported to the city’s coordinates regardless of which dimension you’re in.
  • There is a caveat to all of this! ANYONE who knows a city’s teleport command can invite WHOEVER THEY WANT to that city. If you follow the steps listed above, you can invite any player you choose to Otes, regardless of whether or not you’ve even invited yourself first.
  • Ready to try it yourself? Join echoes.fun, whisper “pardon <your username here>” to saltshakerBOT, and then type “o tempora o mores!” into chat. You’ll be teleported to Otes!
  • Saltshaker will also teleport you to spawn via the !spawn command. We’re working on a functioning (but nerfed) !back command, equivalent to /back on some other servers.
  • Saltshaker has functional !sethome, !delhome, and !home commands, equivocal to /home and its associated commands on spigot servers.
  • This command is a bit of a novelty; saltshakerBOT will place any block or item on your head that you desire (but the item will be enchanted with curse of vanishing and curse of binding) using the !hat command.
  • View a full list of saltshakerBOT’s commands here.
  • Unlike most other anarchy worlds, pvp on Echoes is rare. Despite our lack of constraining rules, Echoes is a very community-centric server. For the most part, everyone you’ll encounter is friendly and cooperative. Be warned, however, it’s still anarchy, and there will always be people out to mess with you.
  • We also incorporate vote rewards into the server, courtesy of xMamo’s vanilla votifier. In exchange for voting for the server (vote links are available on our Discord, and on the server by typing “!vote” into chat.), you receive 10XP levels and the world border will expand by 5,000 blocks. As I write this, the world border sits 577,500 blocks from the origin.
  • We have a custom resource pack with sounds (mostly memes) activated by certain keywords in chat. For example, saying “bruh” will cause Bruh Sound Effect #2 to play.
  • If you’re a fan of Fallout: New Vegas, you’re going to like our player base. We’re all huge fans. We’ve got a custom Discord bot that streams Radio New Vegas 24/7 in our voice chat, complete with Mr. New Vegas’ narration.
  • In-game, we’re working on a bot user form of Mr. New Vegas. Using server resource packs, we’re close to making it such that you can tune into Radio New Vegas as you play Minecraft. This should be completed by the beginning of May.