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Memory Increase for Minecraft

If you don’t know already, by default Minecraft only allocates one gigabyte of memory (RAM) for it to us. This can cause issues like Out of Memory errors, as well as when you are using a high definition texture pack. You can change the amount of RAM on minecraft servers, but with the batch files in this mod you are able to easily set the amount of maximum RAM for the client as well.

This mod works with any game version, as it simply launches the game with different parameters. It includes a set of files each named with the amount of RAM it has, but you can edit the actual files to customize the amount of RAM. Make sure that you actually have that much memory on your computer, and that other programs are not using it. 32 bit computers only support a max of 4 GB of RAM, and therefore should not use this mod because other background programs and Windows uses a hefty chunk already.

If you notice no issues with running Minecraft, then this mod is not really necessary – however if you get errors about out of memory then use this mod / batch files to allocate more RAM.