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Where to find more Minecraft servers?

We’ve been over a lot of Minecraft servers but I usually review them in my spare time. So where was I getting all those Minecraft servers? That’s easy, there are many Minecraft servers lists such as https://serverlist101.com/minecraft-servers/ and they usually list Minecraft servers in various categories and with their information such as server version and gamemode.

For me the key thing when picking Minecraft servers was mainly how long the server was listed. Usually I didn’t bother with new Minecraft servers because they can be super rough al tho that’s not always the case.

Furthermore some Minecraft servers have rather poor uptime, I would also suggest you to skip those mainly because if Minecraft server doesn’t have good uptime that generally means you won’t be able to join and play, sometimes some servers would stay offline as long as weeks or would even shut down and there goes all your progress on specific Minecraft server.