Hidden Valley Survival Map

Thu Feb 2. 2023

Hidden Valley Survival Map

Hidden Valley is a survival map that is set in a donut shaped island, with a center filling too. valleys are ever present in this map, with plentiful of ores deep in the valleys and the survival map on a whole incorporates a lot of different adventure map elements. A short story line is included, in the form of diaries located in chests spread throughout the map.

Mountain peaks covered in snow reach far above the clouds, and there are harbors and waterfalls. The map is full of beautiful landscapes and scenery, and it's fun to explore even if you're not going after the story line or the few challenges included in the forum post. The storyline is a bit short, but there are different locations like asteroids and side islands (which works well with a plane mod so you can easily get to them!). There isn't much to do after you've finished the storyline and explored all the different locations through, so there isn't a lot of content here.

To play Hidden Valley

– download the zip file
– and then place it in the saves folder of .minecraft.
– Then, you'll be able to select it just like a single player save you made.