MineCapes with CloakBoard mod for minecraft

Fri Jan 20. 2023

MineCapes with CloakBoard mod for minecraft

If you ever wanted to use custom capes in Minecraft, then get the MineCapes with CloakBoard mod. You're able to use any cape you want on servers that supports it, including the Mojang cape if you want to. It doesn't change your actual cape, just the cape on clients with this mod installed. After that, you can upload your cape to minescapes.x10.mx online or download CloakBoard to upload the cape.

Your cape must be named the same as your username, and ending in a page file. Naming it in any other name will not work, and your cape won't show up in the game.

To install the cape mod,

1.have a zipping program like WinRAR or 7ZIP
2.and go to %appdata%/.minecraft/bin
3.and then right click on minecraft.jar.
4.Select open with WinRAR, or another zipping proram, and then drag bag.class into the minecraft.jar file.
5.Delete the META-INF folder
6. save it and launch Minecraft.

Your capes might not instantly show up after uploading – it can take a while for it to update. The cape mod also includes templates so you can edit what cape you want, such as using Paint.NET or GIMP. F stands for front, and B stands for back. Some movement mods may not be compatible with this cape mod, such as smart moving.