Minecraft Servers Lag???

Sun Dec 18. 2022

Minecraft Servers Lag???

Hello, I am running a test server with only 2 people on it with no plugins. I am using Spigot and it has to stay that way since I need access to all the configs.

TPS is always 20.0, no new chunks are generated when this happens. Server has 4gb ram dedicated to it, runs on i7 3770k. Mob limits are default (tried with very low too). Every few minutes a freeze happens and it teleports both players back 1 second.

The issue is somewhat weird, I know 1.14 wasn't friendly on server performance but 1.14.4 fixed that, yet I still have this issue.

I am wondering if anyone else had this and was able to resolve it? I am constantly looking up the issue, next thing on the list is the server launch parameters (default from spigot site with the sweep garbage command).