Nuke Minecraft mod for minecraft

Sat Dec 3. 2022

Nuke Minecraft mod for minecraft

The Nuke Minecraft mod is great for those who want more explosives to blow things up with. It adds 6 new explosives that can be used in many different ways – from mining, killing mobs, or just destroying the world. Like the name suggests, there is a new Nuke block / explosive. It functions a lot like a TNT, but it is 6 times more powerful than a regular TNT so you'll be able to blow through more blocks.

If a nuke isn't large enough, you can also get the super nuke. It's 22.5 times more powerful than regular TNT, and is sure to pretty much eliminate everything. You will have to step back really really far if you're using this in survival, because it blows a good chunk of the terrain.

Firebombs do damage when you first ignite them with flint and steel, and it also does explosive damage. Not only that, but it also spawns lava – and it's more powerful than TNT. There are more explosives like waterbombs, grenades and heavy grenades – some bounce, some do not.

To install Nuke Minecraft,

1. download Modloader
2. and go to .minecraft. Put the zip file you downloaded into the mods folder,
3. and then launch the game.

If that doesnt' work, you can extract the mod into minecraft.jar.