Real Life Seasons Mod for minecraft

Tue Nov 29. 2022

Real Life Seasons Mod for minecraft

The real life seasons mod will change the texture in your Minecraft world to match up with realistic texture packs, checking your system calendar for the dates. It changes month to month the same as the reasons in real life of where you are located, and it does not change any of the functionality or mechanics. There is another seasons mod for Minecraft, but it also changes gameplay so if you just want different textures use this mod.

As it checks your system calendar, you'll need to make sure it's correct. By default it should connect to the internet to sync with the latest time, and the mod features a lot of texture variants, for everything you could think of – signs, entities, weapons and tools, practically everything. Mob textures are also changed with Randomob support, and the font has also being changed to make it a bit more readable while still being blocky.

Installing Real Life Seasons Mod

1.  download the zip file and place it in the mods folder of .minecraft, which is located under appdata.
2. You will need Minecraft Forge or ModLoader to use this mod, which should be installed first.