Shape Shifter Z [SMP] for minecraft

Tue Nov 22. 2022

Shape Shifter Z [SMP] for minecraft

Once upon a time, there was a man with a bone. He discovered that it let him turn into different things. This is the essence of Shape Shifter, a mod for Minecraft that allows you to shift into many different forms, gaining different advantages and skills while also changing your appearance and the sounds you make in the game.

You can shift into a lot of different mobs, like pigs (who produce cooked pork and is small), sheep that produces colored wool, to chickens that can jump three times as high. More abilities were also planned for this mod, such as wolf, silverfish, creepers, zombies and even villagers. A lot of the shifted forms can fly or at least has some movement ability like climbing walls, allowing you to gain access to places you previously couldn't get to.

To install this mod

1. download 7 ZIP (or use WinRAR, any unzipping program works) to open jar files.
2. Open up minecraft.jar, delete the META-INF folder
3. and then extract the contents of into minecraft.jar and you will be able to play with this mod enabled.

Make sure to keep this mod updated as new abilities are being added over time.